Microsoft starts testing its Personal Shopping Assistant app on the Play Store

You can’t really use popular means of buying items from Amazon in Kenya like Vitumob on your Android device since it currently only works on the Chrome browser. However, you will soon be able to monitor all the items you are interested in buying not just from Amazon but other global e-commerce platforms as well using an Android app for a service that, like Vitumob, had initially been limited to the Chrome browser.

The service, Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA), is available in the form of a brand new Android app that is now available on the Play Store albeit as a beta.

Microsoft debuted PSA last year on the Chrome browser before expanding its availability to other browsers as well.

PSA works by keeping track of a user’s shopping habits, what they look at on e-commerce sites and keeping all that information in handy information boards and notifying the user when products/items they have previously looked at are discounted or have any price change. It also allows users to compare prices of products from different sellers. Microsoft describes it as a “smart shopping cart”.


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