Cornerfly lets your smartphone screen mimic those of 2017 heavy hitters like the LG G6


Cornerfly is not a name you are likely to have heard before. But now that you have, I better get on with telling you what it is all about.

Simply put, Cornerfly is the application you need installed on your Android smartphone if, like me, you really love the rounded corners on the screen of the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. Look at this:

LG G6 rounded corners

Yes, we get it, we can never have the same level of engineering prowess and strict attention to detail that went into the Galaxy S8 and the G6 on our old devices but we surely can try. What can we do to have something similar as well? Easy, Cornerfly.

Download Cornerfly from the Play Store and watch as your erstwhile cheap device transforms, albeit briefly, into one of the in-demand smartphones this year.


Cornerfly puts a persistent notification on the notification shade that lets users customize it on a per-app basis instead of a blanket setup, even though that is also possible.

For those whose devices have Android’s on-screen navigation bar, the app can be set to invoke the rounded corners either at all the screen’s edges or only start above the navigation bar. The same can be done for the notification dropdown. I used Cornerfly for nearly a month last month and I found myself using both options depending on the prevailing circumstances. For instance, the dark navigation bar means that the rounded corners may not pop and be as visible as I would want on a light background like in the Gmail app or the Play Store. As such, conventional wisdom suggested that I set Cornefly to start working its magic just before where the nav bar picks up from.

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While Cornerfly is a free ad-supported app, a $1 purchase removes the ads and gives users more flexibility in determining the size of those corners.

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