Tecno Phantom 8 (and maybe 8 Plus) arrives on October 22nd, dual cameras and all

The Tecno Phantom 6 debuted dual cameras on the Chinese brand’s devices. This year, Tecno hopes to take things a notch higher with another pair of back cameras on its upcoming flagship smartphone.

Whereas the dual cameras on the Phantom 6 worked in tandem to make images clear and sharper thanks to the extra depth-of-field information the additional sensor gathered, it’s likely that the Phantom 8 may go with the arrangement that we have seen on recent devices like Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X and the OnePlus 5 where one is a telephoto lens. If I have lost you anywhere with all those terminologies then start here to catch up.

By now you must have noted that something does not add up. The current flagship device from Tecno is the Phantom 6 yet the upcoming one is Phantom 8? Where’s the 7?

Good question.

While we don’t know, yet, the number 8, in Chinese culture, is associated with luck. Good luck. So, maybe, just maybe, Tecno Mobile is hoping for good tidings with this device in the wake of its expansion over the last one year to markets outside its traditional base in Africa.

Tecno has confirmed that the Phantom 8 will feature what they call a “diamond design”.

As far as specifications of the upcoming device go, there’s not much to give away at this point though it is expected that it will feature lots of improvements over last year’s offering. Like more memory, a better selfie camera (with “smart dual selfie flash”) and, of course, those dual cameras at the back with a new working mechanism.

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What we still don’t know, as well, is the presence or absence of a Plus model. Last year, the Phantom 6 Plus was a superior device to the standard Phantom 6.

4K display, support for mobile virtual reality…? I wouldn’t hold my breath for those if I were you. Tecno’s focus involves sacrificing features they don’t believe are that important so that they are able to lower the cost of the final product. Of course, the only reason these would come to mind is so that we are able to see how the company navigates the tricky waters and includes such features that are a preserve of devices that cost an arm and a leg on devices that cost just as much as upper mid-range devices from other brands cost.

We’ll be back with more details as we get them.

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