Black Friday traffic surge leaves Safaricom’s Masoko website super slow, sometimes completely inaccessible

It’s not the first time that people in Kenya are talking about Black Friday, an event that is best known to people thousands of miles away from here. But it’s the first time most people are talking about Masoko Black Friday.

Masoko’s launch couldn’t have been timed better. The Safaricom-owned online shopping platform was made official just last week and today, it’s on course to record one of the busiest days in its short lifetime. While people will most likely keep on flocking to the website even after Black Friday shopping season ends, the traffic being witnessed today is all about one major thing: Masoko Black Friday Flash Sale.

In case you don’t know what this is about, the retailer is running flash sales after every one hour. During these promos, you can purchase quite an interesting set of products at just one bob! Whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple iPhone 8, or even a Bajaj Motorbike, among other products, you might just be the lucky one who gets away with the product for a shilling.

One major problem, though, is that nearly every living soul in Kenya that has knowledge of the internet is already aware of this promo. This has turned Masoko website into a beehive, with everyone trying to log in and try their luck. The result of this is that everyone is unable to access the website. If you are lucky enough to log in, you’ll find it quite problematic when trying to create an account.

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For the lucky ones who had already created an account, it can take ages before signing into your account. I’ve been there several times but with no success and in fact, you only know that the deal is no more when the website starts working normally. If you are lucky enough to load up the product in the flash sale, adding it to your cart is another nightmare and most of the times you’ll be taken in rounds of 10-minute intervals, but hitting the jackpot still remains elusive.

I haven’t seen such cases with the likes of Jumia or Kilimall, which are also running flash sales. However, these two have dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS, something we are yet to see with respect to Masoko. Of course, an app is in the pipes and it should be here sooner than later, but until then, keep trying and who knows, you might be the lucky one!

How is your experience using Masoko website today?

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