“Share Your Moments” brings Black Friday goodness to Safaricom’s Blaze subscribers

Blaze is Safaricom’s sub-brand dubbed “The Youth Network” that is solely intended to provide the same services that Safaricom offers to all its users but with the young person in mind. This is informed by the various challenges that young people face that are unique to them given their level of empowerment in the society or lack thereof. As such, there are subscription options that are a bit flexible and “pocket-friendly” with the main draw being the ability for subscribers to create their own plans even though that is more limited than it sounds.

Almost a year and a half since it was launched, Blaze has reportedly managed to net almost 8 million young people aged 26 and below. While we may not have numbers on the Kenyan youth, studies conducted elsewhere have consistently shown that young people are drawn more towards social networks that are image-centred, more so platforms like Instagram and Snapchat which have blown up in terms of popularity over the last two years, than any other.

Perhaps it is with this in mind that a Black Friday offer to Blaze subscribes is inclined towards letting users upload as much content as possible for free. Yes, that’s right. Starting yesterday, Friday, November 24th, all the way to Sunday, November 26th, Blaze subscribers can upload photos and videos to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other apps and platforms for free.

However, viewing the content they are uploading online, be it videos or photographs, is not free and subscribers will be charged.

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Another thing, one must have at least 2MB data remaining on their Blaze account in order to be able to take advantage of this deal.

Seeing as it is that I will no longer be eligible to use the Blaze network this time next week when I celebrate a new year, what a way to end my one-year dalliance with Blaze! Weekend mission: upload everything.

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