4 smartphones you can buy from Safaricom by topping up your Bonga points

For Safaricom subscribers, for every Kshs 10 that is spent on the network calling, sending text messagings, buying data bundles and whatnot, usually earns one Bonga point, the name for the Safaricom’s customer loyalty rewards scheme.

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There are very many ways that one can redeem their Bonga points. This can be by buying buying airtime or directly buying data bundles, voice minutes etc. In recent years, the same has been expanded to include even paying for shopping at the supermarket. Heck, you can now even use Bonga points to shop on Masoko, Safaricom’s own e-commerce store, at a rate of 5 Bonga points for every 1 shilling.

Every other time, the same Bonga points can be redeemed at Safaricom’s retail outlets across the country for devices like smartphones and tablets. Occasionally, the telecommunications company singles out a few devices and avails them on offer at slightly better rates than is usually the norm.

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Since the start of the week (September 24th) and going on all the way till the start of the next one (October 1st), these four Android smartphones have been on offer under Safaricom’s Jisort na Bonga + Maisha Ni Digital promotions:

1. Safaricom Neon Smart Kicka 4

This is the latest iteration of the Neon Kicka smartphone that Safaricom has been selling for a while now. As noted earlier, it has basic features as it is meant to help drive Safaricom’s mission of getting as many Kenyans as possible who are still using feature phones to join the smartphone revolution. You have the whole of this weekend to grab it by topping up Kshs 3,000 to the 2,999 Bonga points required to own it outright.

If you get the same device from some outlets like the phone shop at Naivas supermarkets, you’ll just need to top up Kshs 2,599 to those Bonga points.

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2. Huawei Y3 2017


Huawei is awash with shiny new members of its budget Y series this year. However, last year’s models are still around and if you have Kshs 7,999 to add to 3,000 Bonga points then this may be your best chance. Or, you can take my suggestion and look for the excellent Huawei Y5 Prime 2018.

3. Nokia 1

Like the Neon Kicka 4 above, the Nokia 1 is an Android Go smartphone. That means that even though it has features and specs that may not excite many on paper, the experience has been tuned a bit differently so as to be able to cope with both the user demands and the demands of the operating system.

Kshs 5,999 and 3,000 Bonga points are all you need to get it out of the door of a Safaricom shop.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime+

This is more like the black sheep of this list. It is old and, to be honest, shouldn’t still be on sale in this day and age when the Galaxy J2 Core exists but it is so in case it tickles your fancy, be prepared to part with Kshs 8,999 and 3,000 Bonga points to boot.

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