Deals galore: 30% off on all Xiaomi phones this Monday

The shopping season in Kenya came early and it’s only the beginning, so it seems. If you missed out on the many crazy deals on Black Friday, there is more coming from Xiaomi Kenya.

Apparently, the company has a shop-wide discount of 30% on what it calls Cyber Monday. Okay, let’s not just go into the details of what Cyber Monday is, all you need to know is that on Monday, November 26th, you can purchase any Xiaomi phone at a discount of 30%.

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This will be going down through Jumia Kenya, where the company has an official online shop. There are plenty of other sellers of Xiaomi phones on the giant retailer, so be sure to stick to the link provided below in order to take advantage of the said discount.

→ Xiaomi shop on Jumia Kenya

What is still unclear is how this discount will affect the current price tags of phones in the shop, but it’s unlikely to be applicable on the current figures because that would be a hell of a deal!

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Just to give you some perspective, the 3/32GB Redmi 6 currently goes for Sh 12,499. After a discount of 30%, this would leave it at just Sh 8,750. I know, it’s insane and no, I don’t think that is happening!

We’ll see what Xiaomi has in store in a few hours.

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