Samsung Galaxy A10 and A20 join company’s push to dominate Kenya’s smartphone market

Samsung Electronics East Africa has today introduced two new devices, the entry-level Samsung Galaxy A10 and the Samsung Galaxy A20.

Both devices, already announced globally, were glaring omissions when the company announced the availability of the Galaxy A30 and A50 locally over a week ago.

The Galaxy A10 is going for Kshs 12,000 while the Galaxy A20 is retailing at Kshs 16,600.

That pricing puts them right within the radar of other budget devices we have seen unveiled this year from Samsung’s fierce rival in the global smartphone market, Huawei. The Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 is going for Kshs 13,500 while the Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 is going for Kshs 18,000.

Their seniors, the Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50, have a recommended retail price of Kshs 22,500 and Kshs 30,500 respectively.

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All the four devices feature Samsung’s new notch styling going under the Infinity V moniker. The same is the case for the Galaxy A70, the superior of them all, that is set to become available in a week’s time for Kshs 39,000.

A month after the A70 goes on sale, Samsung will be back to test the waters with a device that fully epitomizes what the Galaxy A series has been about before the recent rebrand and which does things a bit differently from its Infinity V-notch-totting siblings: the Galaxy A80.

Just look at this:

At its Kshs 65,000 price tag, it will be just a few thousand shillings from touching the Huawei P30, a big ask for what is considered by its maker to be a “budget” smartphone lineup but not exactly surprising given our previous run-ins with the Galaxy A series.

Completing the Galaxy A family for this first half of the year will be the Galaxy A2 Core, a 5-inch Android Go smartphone that is set to go on sale next month for Kshs 8,100, cheaper than the Galaxy A10 launched in the Kenyan market today.

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Additionally, all the devices in the A series that are available in the local market so far, are VoLTE ready in preparation for the introduction of the service by Safaricom soon [read more about it here]. They are also compatible with all of the company’s wearables – watches, ear buds, fitness bands etc – lowering the barrier for entry into Samsung’s accessories market.

Has Samsung addressed all your concerns with the Galaxy J series with the Galaxy A devices it has brought to Kenya this year?

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