April security update for Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 available in Kenya

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Now that the likes of Samsung Galaxy A30, Galaxy A50, and co. are available locally, the Galaxy A5 2017 has obviously fallen down the pecking order with respect to software updates.

The A5 2017 has been around for over two years now, but Samsung is still taking care of the handset with some irregular software updates. It’s only a few weeks ago that Samsung published release notes for March 2019 security update for the device and now we have similar release notes for April 2019 security patch.

Quite unusual for a device like the Galaxy A5 2017 to receive updates to two consecutive security patches, which suggests the latest update could be up to something and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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Coming in as version A520FXXS9CSD2, the update should also fix those annoying bugs you’ve been experiencing as well as improve the general system stability. Unfortunately, the base software is still Android Oreo, the OS on which the A5 2017 will remain forever.

Looking at the available firmware updates, it’s been months since the Galaxy A7 2017 got a software update in Kenya, so we hope this one will also find its way to the device sooner or later.

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