Infinix S4 receives update bringing weather app, April security patch

The Infinix S4 is Infinix’s latest smartphone, from the quickfire releases that the brand has had since the start of the year.

As such, buyers of the device can expect to be prioritized for the near future as they enjoy their shiny new toy.

The earliest sign that that is the case is update X626-H624JK-P-190417V239 which began rolling out a few days ago.

Among other things, most notably, the update brings with it the latest Android security patch – for the month of April.

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In addition to the under-the-hood bug-fixing and housekeeping those security patches bring, the update also introduces some changes.

After installing it and rebooting, users will notice the addition of a new application: a weather app. It’s not these apps that I speak highly of but it gets the job done, anyway.

The Carlcare app has also been upgraded to version 5.5.8 with this particular update. While on normal days that won’t be news as app updates happen all the time, anyway, this is important because it includes a new warranty term that may be of benefit to Infinix S4 users: free screen replacement within the first 100 days of purchase.

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The update clocks in at just 578 megabytes.


An earlier version of this article indicated that the weather app didn’t show up. It did, actually. It wasn’t visible initially because a restart hadn’t been done after installing the update. Project Mainline can’t get here quick enough.

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