Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 release is much closer

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4-3

Last year Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab S4 on August 1 and a little over a week later, the Galaxy Note 9 followed. It seems the Korean company could be lining up a repeat of the same for the successors of the two devices, that is, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Galaxy Note 10, respectively.

We already know about the release date of the Galaxy Note 10. In fact, we already have an idea of how the phone looks like a month before launch. Although we’ve also encountered some photos of the Galaxy Tab S6 showing off a dual-lens camera on the back and an S Pen that charges when attached to the back of the slate, the release date is still unknown.

Now that the Wi-Fi Alliance has cleared multiple variants of the Galaxy Tab S6 for release, we are certain that the release date is much closer. Unfortunately, the exact date is still out of sight, but as noted earlier, a repeat of last year could be on the cards.

The WFA has cleared the Tab S6 with model numbers SM-T860, SM-T865, and SM-T867V. Where the first one is the Wi-Fi only variant, the second is the LTE variant. As for the latter, it’s headed to the U.S. and will be sold through Verizon Wireless, the country’s biggest wireless operator.

The Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled on August 7, which means the Galaxy Tab S6 could arrive a week or so earlier.

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