Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch

Samsung has announced the official launch date of its next flagship phone – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

After rumors flirted with several dates, the Korean company has confirmed the official arrival of the Galaxy Note 10 and it’s August 7, 2019.

Samsung will hold the Galaxy Unpacked launch event at the same venue as last year’s Galaxy Note 9 beginning at 11 PM Kenyan time.

There have been many rumors around the Galaxy Note 10, but the teaser image has no more than the S Pen and a single camera. The former is an obvious one and the latter is likely to be the selfie shooter that rumors say will be housed by a centered hole, unlike the S10’s hole that sits to the far right.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leak-1

It has also been claimed the Note 10 will get multiple variants, perhaps to emulate the S10. Besides the size differences – 6.3 inches on the standard model and 6.75 inches for the Plus variant – the multiple variants will also be separated by their network allegiance. Some will support 4G and others will go the extra mile to add 5G.

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Even more differences are expected on the back. Where the Note 10 is said to come with a tri-lens camera setup, the Note 10+ will reportedly get a quad-lens setup. This is perhaps to wipe any chances of the S10 5G ending the year as the superior Samsung flagship when the Note line should.

The camera arrangement is said to be a vertical setup in the top left corner of the back panel. Of course, the fingerprint scanner won’t be on the back and I think you know where it’ll be located.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leak

One rumor that some hardcore fans of the Galaxy Note line might find hard to swallow is the alleged ditching of the 3.5mm audio jack. Apparently, the Note 10 will follow in the footsteps of the troubled Samsung Galaxy Fold by turning to a multipurpose USB Type-C port.

Honestly, this was bound to happen at some point, but then again, all these are rumors that we’ll get to verify on August 7.

The event will be available for live streaming at:

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