Tecno Camon 12: Top features

I have been using the Tecno Camon 12 for a month now and several aspects of the device standout for me.

From the accessories included in the box, like that plastic case, to the device itself.

Some, like the missing USB Type-C port, and the “same old same old” approach to the software, complete with very annoying ads, are outrightly frustrating.

That is not to say though that the device is lacking in terms of its silver lining. There are lots of positives and the following are the features that are likely to draw you to the Tecno Camon 12 if you are considering it and to immerse you further into Tecno’s universe if you end up going with it:

1. Camera

The camera comes first on this list because, well, it is a Camon. I mean, the Camon series is known entirely for its cameras. Not because they are the most outstanding in the market – hopefully, one day they will be – but because Tecno tries to make a great balance between the kind of optics we’d be looking at at the price segment that the Camons find themselves in and the actual offerings provided on these devices at those prices. Am I even making sense?

If I don’t, then, hopefully, these snaps I have taken over the last few weeks should tell the rest of the story – that makes sense:

2. Battery

If you read our previous takes on Tecno smartphones then you probably have a rough idea of where this is going. This is so because not much has changed on the software side with all the usual “enhancements” staying put. Since this usually goes a long way in determining how other critical resources which also have a direct impact on the longevity of a device’s battery, like performance and screen time, for instance, then it is not surprising to see the Camon 12 come off with impressive battery stats.

3. Design

A major omission in the design of this device is the lack of any hardware-related features on its body to further its camera-centred agenda. A dedicated camera button wouldn’t hurt now, would it? Or a custom mapping of the already-available buttons so that one opens the camera app on a single press. The latter option has been implemented over and over again on devices from rival brands and is probably something that Tecno can think about when considering what to include in the next generation of Camon smartphones.

The available buttons, however, are just fine and there is nothing to write home about. Especially since the power button shares in the glossiness of the volume up and down buttons without any of the perforations that we have come to expect from using other brands which go a long way in making it easy to tell the 3 buttons apart. For normal-sized hands, that won’t be a problem, though, as each finger just finds its place, making what is otherwise a rather ‘tall’ device feel very, uuum, handy?

Tecno once again resisting the urge to slap its logo on the front and going for a gradient finish on the backplate makes for a very good-looking device all around. You just can’t hate it. A very clean top – not even a microphone on sight – also adds to the overall uniformity of the device’s design which goes a long way in freeing the detailed eye to nitpick on what’s going on on the expansive 6.5-inch display.

4. Storage

64 gigabytes of onboard storage is very generous on a Kshs 15,000 device, don’t you think? I mean, it is just the other day that we were getting mesmerized by Kshs 25,000 smartphones packing similar amounts of storage. While you can always slot in a microSD to expand your device’s storage, the more internal storage at one’s disposal on a device, the better. When it all comes down to the wire, especially with the competition offering devices that check off the same boxes that the Camon 12 checks, such matters.

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5. Network connectivity

It is not every day that a device’s network connectivity gives it an upper hand. That happens every once in a while. Like, over the next few years, that will be the case as 5G smartphones slowly become the norm rather than the exception. However, for us who are still a few years away from having that kind of first world problems (for now), there are other considerations to be made.

Like, will the device allow you to make calls on your JTL SIM? Will your Faiba 4G work? Will you be able to make VoLTE calls using your Safaricom line? The answer to each one of those questions, as far as the Tecno Camon 12 is concerned, is a big YES. Nothing out of the ordinary (this should actually be the case for every device launching in the local market) but since we are still heavily reliant on lists like this and this, then it remains a highlight.

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