Netflix to start charging users in Kenya Shillings

This January marks 5 years since Netflix officially became accessible to Kenyans.

As if right on cue to mark the anniversary, Netflix has changed the way Kenyans who have been using the service will be billed.

According to communication the US-based streaming service is sending to subscribers in the country, subscribers will no longer be billed in United States dollars. Instead, the local currency, the Kenya shilling, will be used to do so.

The advantage, being cushioned from fluctuating exchange rates, is immediate.

Previously, instead of the Kshs 950 I will now be paying every month to keep my subscription active, I’d pay a little more than Kshs 1,000 for the same.

The adjusted rates (per month), as a result of this change, are as follows:

  • Basic: Kshs 700
  • Standard: Kshs 950
  • Premium: Kshs 1,200

How long until Netflix follows Showmax’s lead and starts allowing Kenyan subscribers to pay via M-Pesa?

Moves such as this one are not new and are pretty much common, in fact, as a way of a service endearing itself to local users.

Google itself has allowed Kenyans to be billed for purchases they make on the Play Store using the local currency instead of US dollars.


Thanks, Moses, for the tip.

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