Huawei debuts 2-week promotion for its budget smartphones in Kenya

Huawei Mobile Kenya has today announced the start of a two-week promotion that sees it offer free accessories to buyers of its budget smartphones

The Huawei Y5p, Y6p, Y7p, Y8p, and Nova 7i, all made available in the Kenyan market this year, are on offer under the terms of the promotion, according to Huawei.

Buyers of any of those devices will also be getting free gifts such as Bluetooth headsets.

In its communication, Huawei notes that there will also be some discounts on the devices but we are not sure which these will be and what exactly those discounts will look like.

For now, however, the guarantee is the free goodies on purchases of any of the above-listed devices at their market prices which remain unchanged from their launch prices over the last few months that they have been available.

The Huawei Nova 7i (pictured above), for instance, is still going for the Kshs 30,000 it went for at launch over 3 months ago.

The same is true of the Huawei Y5p, Y6p, Y7p and Y8p which are going for Kshs 9,800, Kshs, 15,000, Kshs 18,500 and Kshs 25,000 respectively.

The 5 smartphones cut across various market segments with both their features and their pricing.

A key denominator for all of them as well is the unavailability of Google mobile services (apps like Gmail, the Google Play Store, YouTube, Maps etc) right out of the box with the experience being replaced with Huawei’s own mobile services and efforts to get the same working hinged on workarounds.

Huawei’s focus in the Kenyan market has been on budget smartphones over the last 2 years, side-stepping the pricier flagship series P and Mate smartphones for the Y and Nova series where the majority of Kenyan smartphone buyers play.

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The promotion, which started today, runs through to September 6th.

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