How to set up/change the wallpaper/background in Android Auto

Android Auto is an app that mirrors your smartphone on your car’s infotainment screen, assuming the latter is compatible, to make it easy to access certain smartphone apps, functions and services in the car not only in a safe manner but also in a way that they don’t look like blown-up phone apps.

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From early this year, Android Auto users are now able to change from the dull black background on the Android Auto app launcher to something else… Wallpapers!

Here’s how to go about doing so:

You can change the background that you see in the app launcher through the Android Auto settings when your phone is plugged in (or connected, for those using wireless Android Auto).

Just open the Settings app from the Android Auto app launcher, scroll all the way down to the Change wallpaper option, click through and choose any of the over a dozen options presented and you’ll be done!

Note: At this time, it is not yet possible for one to switch to a wallpaper of their own liking from an external source like, say, your camera roll (that beautiful sunset pic you took). Usage is restricted to the system wallpapers. Maybe this will change in the future.

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