WhatsApp users can now transfer their data between Android and iOS smartphones

It is now a little easier to transfer one’s WhatsApp chats from an iPhone to an Android smartphone and vice-versa.

Previously, that has been impossible to do. While it has been easier for users of the popular messaging application to move with their chats from one iPhone to another by using iCloud backup and Android smartphone users to do the same from one Android device to another courtesy of Google Drive backups, cross-platform chat migration has been a headache.

Now, that is all fixed.

The feature has been in the pipeline for quite some time now and it has been spotted severally in the past.

There is a catch, though.

At this moment, only users of the newly-unveiled Samsung foldables, the Galaxy Z Fold3 and the Galaxy Z Flip3, can tap into the feature.

The feature is expected to roll out to more Samsung devices, running Android 10 or higher, in the coming weeks.

Later on, it will become available on other Android smartphones, making it easier for users to port over their chats to an Android device from an iPhone.

No specific timeline has been provided at this moment.

On Samsung devices, the cross-platform chat transfer will be made possible by Samsung’s Smart Switch app.

Various other Android device makers have similar apps of their own going by various names that have provided easy alternatives to users migrating with their data, not just WhatsApp, to new (or even old) Android devices. We are not sure if that is the route that WhatsApp will pursue when it comes to those devices at this point.

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