More details emerge regarding Google’s upcoming Pixel foldable smartphone

Foldable smartphones are all the rage right now, with the biggest device makers, especially in the Android space, all trying to take a bite at this untapped market. Late last year, we covered the rumoured foldable device that Google was reportedly working on.

Fast forward to April 2022 and, after months of silence, Ross Young of the Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) has taken to his Twitter account to provide us with a few more details regarding the foldable from Google as well as Samsung’s unreleased Galaxy Z Fold 4.

“Z Fold 4 and Google foldable will have similar sized foldable displays, but the Google cover display will be quite a bit smaller at 5.8″. This should mean it will have a wider aspect ratio than the Samsung 6.19″ Fold 4. Hear more at our conference next week,” he wrote on Twitter.

Ross Young, however, fails to mention when we can expect Google to release its first ever foldable. However, the best guess will be the tech giant might introduce it to the world around the Pixel 7’s launch scheduled for later this year.

This release window will also be around when Android 13 gets released to the public. With Google giving more love to the foldables and other big screen devices with the Android 12L update, Android 13 should logically build on this experience, making sure different apps make use of the big screen estate present in these kinds of devices.

In terms of price, Google is rumoured to be following Oppo Find N’s competitive path with a $1,400 (around Kshs 162,000) retail price. This will make it $400 cheaper compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and $400 more than the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which has a clamshell form factor.

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Ross Young compares the displays from the Fold 4 and the Pixel foldable saying they will have similar-sized inner displays and the main differentiating factor will be their outer displays.

The Pixel foldable will be shorter at 5.8 inches but will be wider, while the Galaxy Fold 4 will be taller at 6.19 inches but thinner. These measurements will lead to the Pixel foldable having a wider aspect ratio despite the display being smaller.

The Pixel foldable has also been called the Pixel Notepad in some quarters, but Google has not yet released the official name, therefore you will see a lot of different names for their foldable device until closer to its release

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