Galaxy foldables are now mainstream, according to Samsung

We recently reported that Samsung’s Unpacked event has been scheduled for 10th August, and as a build-up to the launch, Samsung mobile president TM Roh took to the company’s official blog to shed light on the Galaxy foldables performance since they were introduced back in 2019.

Roh mentions that for 2021, Samsung shipped close to 10 million foldable smartphones worldwide, which was a remarkable increase of 300% from 2020. He believes that this growth will continue for 2022 as well, with the Galaxy foldables staking a bigger claim in the overall smartphone market.

In the foldable smartphone space, Samsung has a clear advantage, currently being in the third iteration of their Galaxy Z series with the fourth expected for release next month.

The South Korean company holds an 87.8 percent market share in this space, with the closest challenger being Huawei at a measly 9.3 percent. The other players here are Xiaomi at 2.4 percent, Royole at 0.2 percent and Oppo at 0.2 percent. Foldable shipments are expected to hit 27.6 million by 2026, and Samsung wants to take the biggest share possible.

While the Galaxy Flip and the Fold are essentially built on the same principles, their dimensions mean that different people will gravitate towards one of them based on their needs.

Roh states that 70 percent of Galaxy foldable users turned to the Flip “to help them see the world from a different point of view.” It is worth noting here that the price of the two devices might have played a part, with the Galaxy Flip generally retailing at lower prices compared to the bigger Fold.

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The Galaxy Fold, however, has a bigger screen, almost double that of the Flip, making it a preferred choice for heavy users that prioritize productivity, multitasking and efficiency.

“Both foldable users have enthusiastically embraced what we have created. Their response is our biggest motivation to push forward, and that’s why we are committed to this journey of seeking new possibilities for mobile innovation,” adds Roh

Roh points out that they would not do this without collaboration with other main players in the tech space, specifically mentioning Google and Microsoft as well as other carrier partners as the key to the company expanding experiences that are possible throughout the foldable ecosystem

“Three years ago, Galaxy foldables could be summed up in a single word: radical. Very quickly, however, it became clear that this groundbreaking, flexible design fit perfectly into modern lifestyles. As a result, what was once a novelty three years ago, is now the preferred choice for millions,” says Roh

Roh concludes by saying that on 10th August, the company will showcase that the impact of Samsung’s innovation is not only about what technology can do, but also what users can achieve. They will use the unpacked event to showcase the potential of the new Galaxy Foldables, as the ultimate tool for both productivity and self-expression.

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