Samsung Galaxy A Series’ Fun Mode used 2.5 Billion times

Samsung has announced that Fun Mode, a feature present on Galaxy A series devices, has been used more than 2.5 billion times since it was launched back in 2021. For the uninitiated, Fun Mode is a feature that lets Galaxy A series users apply Snapchat AR Lenses through the stock camera app.

The feature was created in a joint venture by Samsung and Snap to bring fun and unique filters directly to the native camera app on the Samsung Galaxy A devices. The feature makes it possible to take pictures and videos using Samsung’s stock camera app and then apply playful quirky lenses to transform any moment into fun and unique content to share with friends and family or simply upload it to your social media.

Fun Mode leverages Snap’s Camera Kit, thereby allowing businesses and developers to bring the power of Snap’s augmented reality into their own applications. In the press release, Samsung announces that they have now expanded Fun Mode to the Galaxy F and Galaxy M line up.

“Galaxy users are constantly seeking new ways to express their creativity, Samsung is constantly innovating to empower users to do more of what they love. That is why we continue to grow our partnership with Snap, one of the biggest and most creative augmented reality platforms, so we can explore further improvements and bring one of the best camera experiences to more users,” says Woncheol Chai, EVP and Head of Experience Planning Team at Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics.

In addition to the worldwide AR Lenses, Samsung and Snap have also been working to offer users in different parts of the world more engaging and localized experiences. For instance, back in 2021, the two companies launched region-specific AR Lenses in India, and have since expanded the same to a few other countries including Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines and Mexico.

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“Lenses are the way over 250 million Snapchatters engage with augmented reality every day, and we’re thrilled that these experiences delight and resonate with Samsung Galaxy’s community, Integrating the Camera Kit into Samsung Galaxy’s proprietary camera is an opportunity to collaborate on compelling, local AR experiences and bring them to Galaxy users around the world,” says Ben Schwerin, SVP of Content and Partnerships at Snap.

Samsung’s flagships, namely the Galaxy S, Note and Z series also have not been left out as Samsung has brought its camera capabilities to the Snapchat app on these devices to enable better resolution, alongside a few other additions like super night and smooth zoom to make it possible for users to snap impressive high-quality content.

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