How to share your Safaricom Postpaid data with other users

For the longest time now, Safaricom has allowed prepaid subscribers to share their mobile data with others. There’s the small matter of that being limited to just 10 megabytes per share and a total of 20 megabytes in a day, which is laughable, but, hey, at least that option exists.

Now, starting in September, Safaricom has gone a step further and allowed its postpaid users to also be able to share their mobile data with others. Even better, unlike their prepaid counterparts, postpaid users don’t have to put up with the laughable caps – which were put in place over half a decade ago when the craze that we knew as “bundles mwitu” back then was at its peak. They can share up to 5GB data, which is much more reasonable.

So, if you are Safaricom postpaid user, this is how to go about sharing your accruing data bundles with others:

1. Make sure that you are not connected on Wi-Fi. Make sure you are on mobile data. This is because won’t load when you’re on Wi-Fi. Security reasons.

2. Go to

3. Click on Start Sharing

4. Key in the phone number of the Safaricom subscriber you wish to share your postpaid mobile data with, specify the amount of data you wish to share and set your data type to “Postpay Data” and click on Add a Beneficiary

5. Confirm that it is really them that you want to share data with

6. Key in your service PIN (this is something you set up a while back for these kinds of authorizations)

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7. Confirmation

Safaricom allows you to share your Postpay data with up to 6 people so you can repeat the above process 5 more times if you so wish.

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