You can now message yourself on WhatsApp

You might already be doing it, but texting yourself on a messaging platform is a very convenient way of keeping helpful information such as one-time passwords, images or a favourite video in an easy-to-access place across all the devices you might be using.

Until now, the only way you could achieve this on WhatsApp was to create a group with someone else and then kick him/her out of the group, leaving only your number as a participant. This then creates a space where you can write out your thoughts, and plans, or send images and videos you might need later without worrying you might lose anything. The bonus is you will still have the information when you log in on a different platform such as your PC.

While other messaging platforms such as Slack already have a dedicated space where you can message yourself and Telegram lets you save messages for later, WhatsApp has finally started rolling out a way to send yourself messages conveniently without resorting to the group method.

WABetaInfo report that the feature is rolling out on iOS with version 22.23.74 of the app. A few users on Android running version have also reported seeing it, but it is very much a gradual launch, as not everyone running those WhatsApp versions has access to this feature at the time of writing this article.

To see whether you already have the feature enabled on your WhatsApp, ensure you are running the versions above depending on your OS, then tap the floating action button (FAB) for a new WhatsApp message in the lower right-hand corner. Your name should appear at the top of your contacts list.

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When you tap on your name as you would when starting a new chat with someone else, you will see a caption reading “Message yourself”. You can then air out your thoughts here, or send little files you might need on your PC instead of manually transferring them using a USB cable.

The messages you send will be visible on all devices that you have linked your WhatsApp account with, and to make things better, just like other messages on the platform, they are end-to-end encrypted.

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