Samsung may reduce number of Galaxy S24 models to just 2

As we wait for the release of the Galaxy S23 series early next month, Samsung is already looking ahead to 2024 and the inevitable release of the Galaxy S24 series. This is nothing new, as the South Korean company typically starts working on a new series one year before the public release.

What is new, however, as The Elec has learned, is that the Galaxy S24 series might drop from having 3 models to only 2. This will be a departure from the norm of Samsung releasing three models in its Galaxy S series; standard, plus and ultra.

Internally, the Galaxy S24 project is currently being referred to as DM, and as The Elec claims, there are two subprojects within the main one called DM1 and DM3. DM2 is absent, and going by the naming scheme, the publication is inclined to believe the missing subproject is the plus model which will not be available in the Galaxy S23 line-up next year.

Given that there is a DM1 and DM3 without a DM2, it is likely that the plus model was in the plan in the initial stages, but for whatever reason, it seems like Samsung has changed its mind about releasing the model.

Taking a look at the Galaxy S22 sales figures, at the 10th-month mark after release, the plus model stood at 4.17 million units sold while the standard and ultra models stood at 7.94 million units and 9.96 million units respectively, proving that the plus model was not popular with buyers as they would either opt for the more affordable standard version or the best performing ultra model.

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Apple, Samsung’s main competitor in this high-end space also had the same scenario play out with the plus model of the iPhone 14 series being the least popular compared to the cheaper iPhone 14 and more powerful iPhones 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Samsung cutting back on the number of models they avail to the consumers has become sort of a trend at this point, from the Note series to the FE series and also news of the A7x series being cut as well. Still, this might not be the end, as The Elec believes the South Korean company is also looking to reduce the number of its A series, with the A2, in particular, being at risk of being dropped. This would then leave the A1, A3 and A5 to cover the entry-level to mid-tier range in the market.

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