Guest Posting Guidelines

Thank you for showing interest in guest posting on Android KenyaWe’re suckers for detail and very keen on what we put out for our readers. As such, it is imperative that anyone interested in guest posting at follow some simple guidelines:

  1. Content, as soon as it is published, belongs to Appropriate attribution and credit to the contributing author/writer will be made.
  2. Content published on is not subject to republication elsewhere. Content must be original, and should not be reproduced anywhere else, even on one’s own blog/site before and after it is published on unless otherwise agreed upon. Plagiarism is not accepted or tolerated at any cost or form.
  3. Content submitted for guest posting must meet the highest standards. Posts should not be fewer than 350 words. The grammar used should be above board. Poor grammar is not tolerated. Proper mastery of the language and strict attention to detail is highly encouraged. Inappropriate, vulgar and unprofessional language shall not be tolerated. Inferior or poorly worded articles won’t be considered. Only guest posts that meet this threshold will be considered. Kindly take note.
  4.  Any images used shall be fully accredited to their respective owners and all quoted sources fully referenced unless decided otherwise.
  5. Take your time to go through previous articles here before deciding to guest post. It will help you get some basic understanding of Android Kenya’s niche.
  6. Guest posts are treated just as such: guest posts. they should not be an extension of your marketing quests. Press releases disguised as guest posts will be disregarded. Press releases are treated as sources of information and in instances where they have to be reproduced “as is”, it will be indicated so that readers can be able to tell them apart from other original content on the site.
  7. Link backs to relevant content are allowed up to at most two times. Once in the content for anything of interest and the second time in the author/contributor accreditation. This is not always the case, it is only for certain articles and the guest poster will have to indicate this prior to publication. The editor’s decision on this is final.
  8. All articles submitted for guest posting will be edited and modified where necessary to fit the site’s mission and target audience’s expectations, for length, grammar and clarity.
  9. Content shall be strictly limited to the Android platform/ecosystem since that is the sole purpose of Please have this in mind before submitting your guest post.
  10. Submitting a guest post does not directly guarantee publication.

Note: Please include links to samples of previous work/articles (2-3 posts, your best work, will do).

Go ahead, get in touch through the contact page if you are interested in guest posting on Android Kenya.