Faiba 4G

Airtel Kenya finally avails a data manager

If you are an Airtel Kenya subscriber, there’s some good news: there’s finally, finally, a data manager. If you have…

Redmi Note 7 and Redmi 7 Faiba 4G

Redmi Note 7 and Redmi 7 have the required band 28 for Faiba 4G

According to JTL’s Faiba 4G website, at least 22 Android smartphones sold in the…

Samsung Galaxy A80-4

In the new Samsung Galaxy A series, only the Galaxy A80 supports Faiba 4G (Band 28)

JTL’s Faiba 4G came about in late 2017 with promises of a speedy network that also

Nokia smartphones that support JTL Faiba 4G

Jamii Telecommunications Limited’s (JTL) introduction of 4G LTE services in the country back in 2017 came with something new,…

24Bit episode 9 – A discussion on internet data bundles in Kenya

Watch it here: If you missed our last episode, catch it here.

Faiba 4G

Smartphones sold in Kenya will now support Faiba 4G

The Communications Authority of Kenya has outlined a set of new guidelines that every smartphone vendor in Kenya must…

Faiba 4G

How to check if your Android phone supports VoLTE calls on your way to Faiba 4G

Spoiler alert: Before I even get started with the “how-to” part of this article, let us not get our…