Google I/O 2017

Google Assistant

Google Assistant now supports typing input, allows users to easily view query history

Well, that did not take long. Just the other day, Google promised us that we would soon be able…

Google I/O 2017

Jumia’s use of Progressive Web Apps pushes conversion rate up by 33%, results in data savings for users

When exploring ways to conserve data on one’s smartphone earlier on, I brought up something interesting: the native…

Android Device Manager is now Find My Device

Back in August 2013, shortly after that year’s I/O conference, Google launched the Android Device Manager service. The service was…


Now everyone can do YouTube live streams on mobile

Google has made it pretty hard to live stream to YouTube, at least on mobile. Previously, one needed to…

Gmail on Android is getting Smart Reply feature

Smart Reply is a nifty feature that saves the time of those of us whose lives revolve around emails….

Google I/O 2017

Google I/O 2017 by the numbers

It has become the norm that Google reveals some interesting statistics on its various products and services every year…

Android Go is a new initiative by Google meant to woo low-cost Android device buyers

Back at I/O 2014, Google announced Android One. The initiative, meant to be the Messiah of Android device users…

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ to get Google Daydream support later in the year

Samsung has a pair of decent high-end smartphones on sale around the world. They just arrived in Kenya

Google Assistant

It will soon be possible to type in Google Assistant

Google Assistant is getting a feature those of us who have been using it have always wanted: the ability…