Chinese device makers gang up to take on Google Play

Fresh from collaborating on a fast wireless file-sharing solution for the hundreds of millions…

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo seek to enhance user experiences with new fast unified wireless transfer system

While users of Apple devices – be they smartphones, tablets or desktop computing devices – have for long had…

Vivo Y90-1

Vivo Y17 and Vivo Y90 should launch in Kenya soon

We’ve known for a while that Chinese device maker Vivo has all eyes set on the Kenyan smartphone market….

Vivo Y15 Kenya release

Vivo Y15 makes a low-key debut in Kenya and we know a few shops selling it

The Vivo Y15 has made a low-key entry into the Kenyan smartphone market. Vivo Kenya opted for

Vivo Y17

Vivo Y17 specifications

Vivo Y15 specifications

Vivo Y15 specifications

Vivo Y12 specifications

Vivo Y17

[Update: Y15 is available] Vivo confirms the Vivo Y12, Vivo Y15 and Vivo Y17 are coming soon to Kenya

Update : The Vivo Y15 is the first from the trio to begin selling in Kenya priced…

Vivo Y15

Vivo Y12, Vivo Y15 likely to kick-start company’s life in Kenya

Vivo is the latest Chinese smartphone vendor making inroads into the Kenyan market having made its intentions known

Vivo over 100% screen to body ratio

Leaked: Vivo’s NEXt phone will have ‘over 100%’ screen-to-body ratio

Chinese smartphone maker Vivo has recently entered the Kenyan market with the hope of grabbing a share of the…