Editorial Policy on Affiliate Links

As of April 2017, AndroidKenya.com is a member of several affiliate programs – those of e-commerce sites Jumia and Kilimall.

Affiliate programs allow website owners/managers to receive a small referral fee/commission for every sale made as a result of a user/customer clicking on a link (called an affiliate link) and purchasing the product. This way, web administrators, bloggers and the like are able to make some little money (at times, it’s so little it’s almost nothing) to help them get by.

It’s a tough world and we hope you understand.

As such, you will at times come across links to buy products from Jumia.co.ke, Kilimall.com or even other online retailers. Where this is the case and you choose to click on the affiliate links, these links will contain a small code that identifies them as originating from AndroidKenya.com and which the online retailer will in return identify so that they can process what is due to us i.e. a small portion of what it will cost you to buy the said product.

We believe that this can often be misunderstood and misinterpreted to mean that we are linked to, affiliated with or in any way indebted to Jumia.co.ke, Kilimall.com or any other such online. Nothing can be further from the truth. That is not the case. News items, stories and articles, reviews and any other such content and editorial work posted on AndroidKenya.com are not in any way influenced by such arrangements as the ones that AndroidKenya.com has with Jumia, Kilimall or any other affiliate program partners for that matter whether directly or indirectly.

Use of affiliate links and entry into affiliate programs is a common practice in online publishing and it is one of the ways that website owners are able to make some money to fund the operations of their sites among other needs.

AndroidKenya.com’s commitment remains in being able to provide high-quality news stories, analysis and reviews without fear, favour or any other biases other than our only bias: our love for Android.

We hope you understand.


Emmanuel Chenze, Editor.