How to disable two-step verification in WhatsApp

Many may not understand why you’d want to put your privacy at risk by disabling two-step verification on WhatsApp but there are a couple…


How to enable two-step verification in WhatsApp

Have you heard? WhatsApp is rolling out a new, very important feature: two-step verification. In simple terms, this means that on top of the one-time…

Microsoft Word for Android gets ability to view PDF files

Users who have signed up to beta test Microsoft’s Office applications on Android (Microsoft calls them Office Insiders) are getting a sweet treat

Google moves to restore confidence in the Play Store by expelling apps that don’t respect user privacy

In this day and age, the privacy of customer data is a top priority for any company tasked with handling it. With so many… Source : TNW

National Crime Research Centre app screen grabs

Kenya’s National Crime Research Centre launches Android app to help tackle crime in the country

Kenya’s internal security organs have taken their efforts to tackle crime in the country a notch higher by unveiling a new Android application that…

Facebook Lite app registers record number of users in just 2 years

Facebook Lite, as the name insinuates, is a lightweight version of the Facebook application available for Android smartphones. The application has been around for…

YouTube Go app for Android screen grabs

Rollout of data-conscious app YouTube Go begins

Google has had interesting initiatives geared at making sure that users of its services in places where access to the internet is either very…

Mkuki app for Android screen grabs

Mkuki is a Kenyan-developed Android app that seeks to make the Product Hunt experience on mobile better

Product Hunt is a popular platform for discovering and sharing new apps, development tools and other technology-related products. The Product Hunt website is just…


Secure messaging app Signal starts testing video calls

Signal is one of several applications that users are resorting to in their quest to guard their privacy when talking to friends online. The…

Huawei GR5 2017

Huawei GR5 2017 specifications


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