Dropbox introduces prompts for two-factor authentication on Android devices

Two-factor authentication simply refers to the process of a user being able to identify themselves using a secondary means (like SMS) in order to be able to gain access to a system. In most instances, this means being able to receive unique codes that can be keyed in after one has entered the password. It is one of the most recommended ways of making sure one is stays secure online, however hard that is becoming today.

As concerns over our security online continue growing and claims of hacking of various systems surface everyday, companies are moving their services to include two-factor authentication.

Those who are users of Google’s services or have at least a Google user account will be familiar with a feature that the mobile Dropbox application is getting: prompts to validate access to Dropbox accounts.

Google has had this feature where if you have turned on two-factor authentication for your Google account then it notifies you every time someone tries to access your account and gives you an option to either accept or shy away from comedy.

“Mobile prompts are especially helpful as a backup when you don’t have cell signal, but do have Wi-Fi (for example, on a plane where you can’t receive security codes by text message),” reads a statement from Dropbox (see source link below).

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