Airtel Kenya unveils New Amazing Bundles: 1GB data for Ksh 99 and 2GB for Ksh 250

Android has so much beauty in it that sometimes it overwhelms me. Other than the wide selection of smartphones at prices as low as Ksh 2,500, these phones have also given millions of users massive power in their hands and at the heart of this power is the internet.

Safaricom has the best internet coverage in the country, but it’s not where you should be looking if you need the best data deals. While some people have always complained that 4G LTE network is a data hog, perhaps using a carrier like Airtel Kenya, which doesn’t have so much of LTE coverage in the country compared to Safaricom – and more often than not drops to 3G – could provide a new shelter when it comes to internet connectivity.

The carrier has recently unveiled a new data plan dubbed New Amazing Bundles. I started receiving the SMS alert for the offer as from yesterday, which makes me think it’s something quite new. According to the message, Airtel Kenya says you can get 1GB of data for only Ksh 99. This trounces Safaricom’s 7-day bundle of 200MB for the same amount, however, the former is valid for only 24 hours.

Airtel Kenya BundlesAirtel Kenya BundlesAirtel Kenya Bundles

Airtel Kenya makes the New Amazing Bundles even sweeter by throwing in a 7-day plan of Ksh 250 for 2GB data. If you are not such a heavy internet user, there’s a 30-day plan that earns you 1GB for Ksh 300. As long as you are in areas where Airtel has a better signal, these should be great deals, unless your phone isn’t one of the many that come with a dual-SIM feature.

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To check out the New Amazing Bundles, hit *544# and keep on replying with 1 until you get to the last section, which has the three plans to choose from. Whether this is a short-lived offer or something long-term is still unknown, but why not tag along while it’s here?

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