Why you might want to consider switching to Safaricom’s FLEX bundles

1. Convenience

We have had this conversation before. Being able to rest easy in the knowledge that there’s not much that you need to do to get your spending in check is one of the reasons why Flex is more suited to users who wouldn’t want to be always looking over their shoulders to see if they’re still within the confines of their prescribed plans, some for data, some for SMS and so on.

2. One size fits all

Internet (data) + calls (voice) + SMS all packaged as one is the main offering of Flex. Instead of purchasing data bundles then having to figure out what to do for texting and making calls, with Flex, one gets to just buy Flex points and that’s about it. Every usage is deducted from those points. If one uses more data than, say, they make calls, then there’s still no risk of having lots of unused voice minutes accruing yet data gets exhausted as soon as the bundle is bought. With Flex, you use what you use.

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3. Slightly cheaper

It’s not ideal to go into the Flex maths but if you must deal with numbers then this is what you need to know:

  • 1 Flex point is equivalent to 20 seconds when you’re making calls or 3 megabytes of data when you’re browsing or, 3 text messages. Simple.
  • With Flex, you get at least 40% more value than when you use your airtime to make calls and send SMS or regular data bundles to browse on the internet.
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4. There are rewards

Flex customers get rewarded for using services like M-Pesa. For every person to person transaction made, a Flex user gets 3 Flex points for use within the following 24 hours.

5. It rolls over

Say you have bought lots of Flex units, just like people can at times have lots of airtime. Since Flex plans exist for a set period of time, one’s Flex points don’t disappear overnight once the validity period is over. At least as long as one chose the auto-renew option when subscribing and they have sufficient airtime when renewal time arrives. Alternatively, buying another Flex bundle way before the other expires helps extend it.

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