Wind Down mode on Digital Wellbeing renamed to Bedtime mode in latest update

In the latest update to the test version of Digital Wellbeing, Wind Down mode has been renamed to “Bedtime mode”.

The change, appearing in version 1.0.306697358.beta of the beta version of the Digital Wellbeing app, is rolling to testers via the Google Play Store.

Besides the change of name to Bedtime mode, there is also a revamp of the user interface.

Further, users have a new way of triggering Bedtime: when their device is plugged in for the night and it’s past a certain time (that they have set). This is especially useful for those among us that regularly find themselves staying out late, only getting home way past the time that a normal bedtime routine could be observed and expected.

Universally, across the Digital Wellbeing app, the UI revamp can be felt too with a new Quick Settings tile coming into place as well.

Digital Wellbeing was introduced in 2018 with the release of Android 9 Pie. It included an app timer for setting screen time, perhaps its most widely used feature, a Do Not Disturb mode, the Wind Down mode and a central dashboard where users could get an “at a glance” look at how they’re faring.

The Do Not Disturb mode can be activated by use of a gesture, Shush. How this works is that it automatically kicks in when one lays their device face down.

Last year, with the release of Android 10, Digital Wellbeing was updated to include a new Focus mode.

Focus mode built upon the groundwork laid by the Do Not Disturb mode; offering users a middle ground that allowed them to silence a few apps that they found distracting, for a while, without necessarily having to shut off everything.

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Wind Down mode is an automatic Do Not Disturb mode meant to discourage the use of a device past a certain set (bed) time. It does this by grayscaling the whole phone and keeping things that way until the morning. That makes it less appealing for one to continue using their device.

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