Here’s when your Oppo smartphone is expected to get its ColorOS 12 upgrade

ColorOS 12 is almost here with us.

The new software from Oppo, based on Android 12, is expected to begin rolling out to devices from later this month, when Android 12 is finally official.

Oppo expects to update over 100 device models to ColorOS 12, its Android overlay, and reach over 150 million worldwide.

The Oppo Find X3 Pro, which has been part of the Android 12 beta program, and is the first device to get the ColorOS 12 beta, is expected to lead the way.

According to a timeline leaked weeks ago, here’s when you can expect the ColorOS 12 update to hit your device:

Early October 2021

  • Find X3 Pro
  • Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition
  • Find X3

November 2021

  • Find X2 Pro
  • Find X2 Pro Lamborghini Edition
  • Find X2
  • Find X2 League of Legends S10 Limited Edition
  • Reno6 Pro+ 5G
  • Reno6 Pro+ 5G Detective Conan Limited Edition
  • Reno6 Pro 5G
  • Reno6 5G

December 2021

  • Ace2
  • Ace2 EVA Limited Edition
  • Reno5 Pro+ 5G
  • Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition 5G
  • Reno5 Pro 5G
  • Reno5 5G
  • Reno5 K 5G
  • K9 5G
  • A95 5G
  • A93 5G

H1 2022

  • Reno Ace
  • Reno Ace Gundam Edition
  • Reno 10x zoom version
  • Reno Barcelona Custom Edition
  • Reno4 Pro 5G
  • Reno4 Pro 5G 2020 Summer Custom Edition
  • Reno4 Pro 5G Artist Limited Edition
  • Reno4 5G
  • Reno4 SE 5G
  • Reno3 Pro 5G
  • Reno3 Pro 5G Classic Blue Custom Edition
  • Reno3 5G
  • Reno3 vitality version
  • K9 Pro 5G
  • K7
  • K7x
  • A93s 5G
  • A92s 5G
  • A72 5G
  • A55 5G
  • A53 5G
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From the above list, the only device we can confirm 100% is available, at least on an official basis, in the Kenyan market and whose users are assured of getting the ColorOS 12 update, is the Oppo Reno6 5G (look out for our review in a few days). While we have had the Reno3, Reno4 and several A series smartphones from Oppo available in the local market, the Reno6 is the first 5G device from the company to go on sale in Kenya officially.

We expect changes to the above timeline over the next few days as new information becomes available so, fingers crossed that your device makes it.

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