Sorry tablet users, Google Assistant is not coming your way

Whether it is because people are not really interested in tablets or that there won’t be much use of its smart assistant on slates is something we may never find out but what we know right now is that Google Assistant won’t be showing up on any tablet any time soon. At least officially (because you can actually lie that your gigantic 8.9-inch tablet is a smartphone by carefully editing some system files).

The sad news come by way of a confirmation to popular Android fan site Android Police.

Google Assistant has been rolling out over the last 2 weeks to users around the world. If you haven’t received it on your Android smartphone yet as you are likely not to be if you are not lucky to be residing in the handful of countries where it is available officially then this guide can be of great help.

As others have been quick to note, though, this does not mean that Google Assistant may never show up on tablets in the future. It’s just that tablets may not be top priority for Google right now which is hardly surprising given their continued decline (IDC data).

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