BBM gets Android Nougat’s Quick Reply feature in latest update

One of the delightful features of Android 7 Nougat is Quick Reply.

As the name insinuates, Quick Reply simply lets users respond to things like messages (SMS or IM apps), tweets and other updates directly from their notification dropdown without having to actually open the concerned app.

Noble and handy as the feature might be, it’s not yet incorporated into every other app that should be having it. One of the most high profile applications lacking Quick Reply support has been BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

However, with the latest update, BlackBerry’s most popular application has joined the likes of WhatsApp that have had Quick Reply since early on.

The last update to BBM also sought to bring it to par with competitors by streamlining access to bots in channels.

Other features included in the latest BBM update include some cosmetic changes (icon updates and whatnot) and BlackBerry’s continued crackdown on spam on BBM.

BBM’s latest update is available through the Play Store to all.

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