Samsung to officially launch the Galaxy Note 8 in Kenya on October 5th

Save the date: Thursday, October 5th, 2017 is Galaxy Note 8 day. At least if you live in Kenya.

Samsung Electronics East Africa has set aside that day as the one when they’ll be officially introducing the brand’s latest and greatest device to the Kenyan market.

The Galaxy Note 8 is not strange to this market, though. Some third-party retailers have been selling the device unofficially for weeks now. Samsung, on the other hand, has been showcasing the device in its brand stores as it hyped up the pre-orders which have been open since September.

The Galaxy Note 8, by every measure, is impressive and is easily the top Android smartphone one can buy in the world right now. With its Kenya launch and availability in a few days time, the same will be the case locally. Only that there’s a catch. A Kshs 105,000 catch. Is it worth it paying all that money for the Galaxy Note 8?

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Emmanuel Chenze

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