Latest Instagram update brings a new “Request” button that lets you join a friend’s live video


Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing platforms on the planet, boasting a user base of more than 700 million people. But recent success can be attributed to one feature – Instagram Stories.

With Instagram Stories, users of the Facebook-owned app can share all moments of their day-to-day activities, adding to the select few that they chose to keep on their profiles. The feature builds a “story” from multiple photos and videos that you share on the platform and displays them in a slideshow format.

Now, to make Instagram Stories even better, the latest update to the app adds a new “Request” button in the comments section of live videos. Coming as part of the updated version 24, which can already be downloaded via the Google Play Store, this button will let you join live streams of your friends in the easiest way possible.

To join your friend’s live stream, just tap the icon with two smiley faces and a request will be sent to the person whose video is live. They can approve or reject your request by tapping the “View” button that accompanies each request. If they approve, you’ll be given some time to get ready before the live video finally splits into two, where both of you will be live side by side.


The person who started the live video has options to invite more friends who are watching to join the stream. You only need to tap the same icon with two smiley faces. It’s also possible to leave the stream at any time you feel like, which means unaweza pitia tu. It gets even better as you can also share this stream to your Instagram stories or delete it when done.

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You can easily remove someone from the stream and add someone else, but what remains unclear is whether there’s a limit with respect to the number of people that can join a single live stream.

As pointed out, the updated version of Instagram is already live in the Google Play Store.

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