Nokia 7 is already selling in Kenya

Nokia 7

Three weeks ago, HMD Global unveiled yet another Nokia-branded smartphone, the Nokia 7. Normally, the device, which goes for an equivalent of approximately Kshs 40,000 (for the base model, the 6GB RAM+64GB storage variant costs more, an equivalent of Kshs 42,000) in China, where it was launched, would take a few weeks to or even months to get to the Kenyan market, albeit on an official basis.

However, thanks to third-party retailers, device enthusiasts keen on getting the latest mobile hardware don’t have to wait that much longer. While we’re sure that HMD Global will soon be launching the Nokia 7 in the local market, for now, those who are interested in the device can already have it courtesy of Avechi Kenya which already has it listed with an asking price of Kshs 46,000 for the 6GB RAM+64GB onboard storage variant.

As we had previously noted, the Nokia 7 is HMD Global’s response to the gulf that existed between its mid-range Nokia 6 smartphone and its high-end Nokia 8. Just as is the case today with the Nokia 7, the Nokia 8 was launched in August and already available in the Kenyan market by the middle of the following month (September) through third parties. However, it wasn’t until the start of October when the device hit store shelves with the full blessing of HMD Global.

The Nokia 7 brings to the upper mid-range segment of the market some of the features and abilities of the Nokia 8 like the “Dual-Sight Technology”, the ability to capture everything happening around us using both the front and back cameras simultaneously (for stills and videos as well): bothies.

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The device is set to receive an upgrade to Android Oreo soon.

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