Ability to highlight text passages comes to Pocket’s Android app

Pocket is a household name when it comes to the world of bookmarking/reader/read-it-later applications. The app, which prides itself in having a minimalist take of things while still maintaining all the core features that its users have come to love it for over the years, is easily the poster child of read-it-later apps. For good reason.

In order to cement that reputation, Pocket’s makers have added a much-requested feature: the ability to highlight text passages in the app. Given Pocket’s prowess at syncing stuff across all of one’s devices across platforms, this means being able to access excerpts everywhere one goes for quick referencing or sharing with friends via email, social media or other desirable means.

There’s a catch, though. The feature can be used just three times per article for users without a Pocket Premium subscription. Those with the latter can go through lengthy articles like this profile of internet personality Dan Bilzerian on GQ with their highlighters working throughout.

Oh, and Android users are getting the feature first. iOS will be next.

While Pocket is not necessarily my cup of tea (bookmarks are where good articles go to die because if, you’re swarmed with work like yours truly and still have to spare a breath for the fast-paced internet hot link cycle then you will always go for the shiny new stuff on your feed or timeline and forget about the bookmarks), it is widely used and loved. Grab it on the Play Store.

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