OPPO F5 Youth goes on pre-order, to be available earlier than expected

Not after it unveiled its latest smartphone, the OPPO F5, OPPO Kenya is back at it again. This time around, with another device whose eventual availability was announced at the F5’s Kenyan launch last month, the OPPO F5 Youth.

Other than “F5 Youth” just being a fancy name for yet another F5 variant, there’s not much in the way of noticeable differences between the two devices. In fact, one has to dig under the hood to see the differences. The F5 Youth has just 3 gigabytes of memory while the device from which it draws inspiration and gets its name from, the standard F5, has 4GB RAM and even has a bigger sibling with twice what it (the F5 Youth) packs.

The other key difference is in terms of the specifics in the camera. The front-facing shooter on the F5 has 20-megapixels while that on the F5 Youth has been reduced to 16-megapixels. Things are the same at the back of the device where there is a 13-megapixel camera in place of the 16-megapixel snapper that adorns the back of the F5.

The size (and even weight) of the device, the HD+ display, its looks (slimmer bezels and stuff) and the facial recognition technology, remain the same as those on the F5. As does the Color OS v 3.2 based on Android 7.1, Nougat.

The device will be available in gold and black colours only for Kshs 26,990. That price tag puts it a few hairs (Kshs 5,000) shy of the F5’s Kshs 31,990 tag but we’re not sure it is as affordable as OPPO Kenya would want you to think. That’s still a lot of money. For that much, you can get the very excellent Nokia 6 in all its vanilla Android glory and have some change left to grab either a 3-month or 1-year Showmax premium subscription, depending on where you shop.

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The device is up for pre-order on Jumia. According to OPPO, it will go on sale on December 15th and be available through other retail outlets as well.

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