Safaricom Home Fibre users can now switch between plans at any time without losing unused days

I have been using Safaricom Home Fibre services for the second year running now. The service has a share of its own issues, but for the most part, it gets the job done just the way I envisioned before signing up.

During my time with the product, Safaricom has been making a few upgrades here and there, among them the launch of a dedicated Safaricom Home App for managing your home internet subscriptions. I wasn’t a fan of this move as I thought integrating the app into the main mySafaricom app would have been a better idea, but here we are.

Like any other app, Safaricom has maintained the Home App’s optimum performance through regular software updates and the latest one has more than your typical bug fixes and improvements.

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As per the changelog, Safaricom says the Home App is receiving two big features: Link utilization and Proration.

Link utilization

What this feature does is to allow Safaricom Home Fibre users to track bandwidth usage by application. This means you will be able to see the amount of bandwidth (data usage) each app is taking up, something that should come in handy for those who are on the basic package like yours truly.

This new feature is under the Manage tab at the bottom of your screen, where you can view the report per app or based on downloads and uploads.


Perhaps the better of the two features, proration is here to enable Home Fibre users to switch between service plans at any time of the month without losing their unused days.

This is a great addition if you ask me. How I wish this feature came up a few days ago when I was making this month’s payment. After using the standard Bronze package for quite some time, I felt the need to try out the Bronze+ package that includes 2GB of mobile data, 100 minutes across all networks and unlimited SMS across all networks as well.

It happened that I wanted to make the switch before my previous package expired. Safaricom warned me that if I switched at that point in time, I risked losing the remaining days on my previous subscription. With that in mind, I opted to wait until my previous subscription expired (it was only two days anyway) before making the switch.

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If proration is what Safaricom says it is, it should eliminate this shortcoming by allowing users to switch between plans in the middle of the current cycle without losing the remaining days.

This means that if my monthly subscription is supposed to end on 10th of every month and I happen to switch to a new plan on, say, 2nd, the expiry date of my new subscription will still be based on the initial subscription, meaning service renewal will still happen on the 10th of every month. At the moment, though, it’s hard to tell if this change has been effected.Safaricom Home app update (4)

These new features are part of the latest Safaricom Home App version 1.49, which started rolling out yesterday via the Google Play Store, so be sure to upgrade the app in case you haven’t.

Safaricom Home App
Safaricom Home App
Developer: Safaricom Limited
Price: To be announced
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