Custom Android avatar maker Androidify bows out

There was a time when making it very well known to anyone who cared to see and/or listen that your blood type is Android was best illustrated by your own customized take of the famous Android bugdroid (the above-featured image was my Twitter avatar for a long while back then).

That time, thanks to Google, we were sorted by Androidify, a Google-owned app that let users like me and you customize the hell out of the Android mascot that has over the years come to represent Android – heck you can see a variation on this site’s logo, can’t you?

However, 2011, when Androidify came out, and now, is a long time.

Since then, not only has interest in such shenanigans as display customized virtual bugdroids waned, Google has since rebranded Android. Things have changed so much to the point it may soon be a stretch associating the full-size bugdroid with Android at least for anyone who missed the first decade of the Android journey.

As a result, there is little need for apps and services like Androidify today than there was say, 4 or 5 years ago.

Having been last updated 4 years ago, the telltale signs that the end was nigh for Androidify have been there for a while.

As such, it comes as not much of a surprise that Google has pulled the Androidify application from the Play Store. Its website, which remained accessible when news of Androidify’s demise started pouring over 2 days ago, has also since been taken offline and now redirects to the main Android website.

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Androidify remains accessible through third-party app stores and repositories but it is gone. Gone for good.

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