Clubhouse rolling out to all Android users by the end of the week

For over a week now, Clubhouse has been available on the Android platform, sort of.

Why sort of? Well, it’s widely publicised availability on the world’s most popular mobile computing platform came with a caveat. Only users in certain regions (specifically the United States) could access the app on the Android platform. That effectively meant that users elsewhere couldn’t even find the Clubhouse app on the Google Play Store wherever they are.

The next barrier? Well, one needs to connect to Clubhouse’s own servers in order to start popping up in random rooms. That has meant that even if one took advantage of the Android platform’s very open approach to app sideloading and downloaded and installed the application outside the confines of the Play Store, they still couldn’t log in.

So, now, what to do?

Well, here’s a reprieve.

Clubhouse announced, a few days ago, that by the end of the week (specifically, Friday, May 21st), the social audio platform would be accessible to all around the world.

Is it a little too late for Clubhouse, though, given how popular similar features built into apps and platforms that already boast of massive followings (hundreds of millions of users, at the very least) have taken off over the last few months as the app was still an iOS exclusive?

When it does eventually become available, the link below should help you get it very fast from the Play Store.

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