Clubhouse finally comes to Android – you still need an invite to join in the fun

You may or may not have heard about Clubhouse, the social audio platform that has been making waves over the past year.

So popular has Clubhouse been that, if you have been taking note, you have probably seen a mirror of how it essentially functions in an app you already use. Both Telegram and Twitter have launched their Clubhouse competitors as built-in features to their apps.

Telegram’s Voice Chats received an upgrade (Voice Chats 2.0) that brought with it live voice chats with an unlimited number of participants and extended the feature to channels after having it as a groups-only feature since its debut in December 2020.

Twitter Spaces have become popular conversation starters on Kenyan Twitter with the feature, Twitter’s answer to the rise in popularity of voice-driven social apps heralded by Clubhouse, being open to more and more users recently after a limited run on iOS, just like Clubhouse has been for over a year.

While the news about Clubhouse’s availability on Android is definitely good, there is still a catch. A big one, we must say. Access is limited to users in the United States. Those of us that are not in the US have to pre-register here and will be prompted when we can finally join in the fun. Oh, and that’s not all, one still needs an invite in order to sign up for the service once the app is available in Kenya and elsewhere.

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