24Bit episode 52: Internet Explorer is dead, long live Internet Explorer!

For a certain user base of the world wide web, there was a time that the term “internet” was synonymous with IE, as Microsoft’s browser was famously called. However, as time went by and age caught up with it and a reluctant Microsoft failed to update it to match with the times, the then popular web browser slowly faded into the horizon.

The newest kids on the block, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome and others that have since followed in their footsteps, slowly ate IE’s breakfast and lunch. The dawn of the age of mobile computing, something Internet Explorer was never ready for, despite the false starts with Windows Mobile and the ill-fated Windows Phone platform, hit the final nail on IE’s coffin.

In this episode, we share our memories of IE, what it was, what it could have been and where we are at with the never-ending browser wars.

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