Samsung reportedly working on new charging hub that may incorporate both wireless and wired charging

Wireless charging is becoming increasingly common, however, it is still largely restricted to high-end smartphones and gadgets as it is not strictly a necessity rather than just a quality of life improvement over traditional wired charging.

The majority of flagship smartphones, including those from Samsung, have some support for wireless charging. Older Samsung flagships shipped with a charging pad bundled with the phone, however, since it makes more business sense to sell the charging hub separate from the smartphones, Samsung did exactly that with the introduction of the Trio Pad Wireless Charger.

The Trio Pad Wireless Charger was introduced back in 2020 with a $99 (Ksh 12000) price tag, and it could charge up to 3 devices wirelessly. Dutch publication GalaxyClub now believe that Samsung is finally working on the Trio Pad Wireless Charger successor dubbed the Wireless Charger Hub with an expected release date of early 2023.

The older Trio Pad Wireless Charger had the model code, EP-P6300TBEG which is very similar to the EP-P9500 that GalaxyClub claims to be the SKU for the new Wireless Charger Hub

The Trio Pad Wireless Charger was unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live, if the Wireless Charger Hub is released in early 2023 as theorized, it will fall in the release window of the Galaxy S23 line-up expected in 2023 February.

While there is still little to go about regarding the specs of the Wireless Charger Hub, the presence of the word “hub” hints the charging accessory will be able to support multiple devices including smartwatches and smartphones, it might also be able to support both wireless and wired charging.

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Despite the lack of fine details, the expectation at the moment is that Samsung will still retain a similar price point of around $99 for the new charging hub, as a higher price might drive away their users to look at alternatives in the market such as those wireless charging hubs developed by the likes of Anker and Spigen

A single wireless charger might be sufficient for most people at the moment if they are only daily driving a single device that supports wireless charging. However, once you get three or four devices that can be charged wirelessly including a smartphone, a smartwatch and wireless earphones then a charging hub becomes more convenient for charging all your devices at the same time.

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