Google Discover rolling out 3-column UI for large displays

Since the start of 2022 and the subsequent release of Android 12L and Android 13, Google and its dedication to improving the Android experience on tablets and other big-screen devices has been steadily increasing and will culminate with the release of the much-awaited Pixel Tablet.

The latest update in this regard comes in the form of a tweak to Google Discover that adds a third column of articles on large-screen devices to the usual two. By doing this, the Google Discover feed will now cover the whole of your screen, instead of being focused in the middle and leaving space on the sides. Furthermore, the Google logo and your profile avatar are now pushed to the top corners to free as much space as possible.

To make the three columns fit perfectly without appearing too cluttered, the featured images are now smaller, and their height slightly differs from row to row, however, the widths of the images appear identical.

The update is already out for existing tablets including the Tab S8 from Samsung with the Google app Ver. As for the upcoming Pixel Tablet, 9to5Google thinks that Google will add rows to it that will feature media suggestions from the apps that you have installed, including Google TV.

When it finally sees the light of day, the Pixel Tablet will be the first Android-based tablet Google has released since 2015 and expectations are high. The tech giant has not officially given a release date, but it is expected to come out sometime this year.

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