Infinix S2 Pro

Infinix Zero 5 Plus? Benchmark listing reveals Infinix smartphone with top-of-the-range specs

We are a few days away from the official launch of the Infinix Note 4. The device, which like others we have seen… Source :Android Headlines

Lenovo’s Moto E4 Plus starts selling in Kenya through Safaricom

The Lenovo Moto E4 Plus is now available in the Kenyan market. The device, which was launched just a few weeks ago this same month, is…

5 smartphone deals during the July 2017 Safaricom Open Day

The Safaricom Open Day is back. This time round, it runs from today (June 28th) through to Sunday, July 2nd. As is always the…

10 Samsung smartphones going for Kshs 15,000 or below that you can buy in Kenya

Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker on the planet. In Kenya, the company is one of the top smartphone makers as well with its…

The classics: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review

This review is a guest submission. It is two and a half years late. It was meant for (see archived copy of the…

Infinix Note 4 -black

Big battery, big screen and Android Nougat: this is the Infinix Note 4

It is an open secret that Infinix will be launching its next smartphone, the Infinix Note 4, soon, just a few months after it…

Overview: a fresh new mobile ledger app for the M-Pesa user

There is no shortage of apps you can turn to if you want your M-Pesa record keeping to get better. I have been using…

Cortana seeks to replace Google Assistant with latest update

It’s taken a while but it’s now totally possible. If you have been wishing to be able to long press your physical or onscreen home…

47 Android apps on the Google Play Store have adware that just won’t go away

Google may be taking its fight against malicious applications very seriously by scanning over 50 billion applications on its app store on a… Source :Naked Security

Twitter updated the Android app and made it look like its iOS counterpart, here are 3 options you can turn to

The bright minds at Twitter sat down and decided that we need more circles, rounded corners and strong looks in the already not-so-exciting Twitter…


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