LG G6’s camera app ported to the G4

The LG G6 is the Korean company’s latest and greatest Android smartphone, yet. It has received glowing reviews that praise its longer body frame, thin bezels, overall finish and, of course, that camera.

What if you have an LG smartphone, say from 2 years ago, and still want to have access to the same camera app as that on the LG G6? You know, rock it like a G6… Normally, that won’t be possible but, THIS. IS. ANDROID.

Unlike other hacks where the need for elevated privileges means you need to get your hands dirty rooting, flashing this and that and if you are unlucky crying over your bricked smartphone, this one is relatively safe (and that’s why I am even sharing it). You only need to hit the source link below and follow the instructions. Just make sure that your G4 at least runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow (the device, after all, arrived rocking Lollipop but will be getting Nougat, its last update).

One more thing, the G6 camera that has been ported to the G4 is currently in an alpha state which means bugs, bugs and more bugs. Good luck!

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